How to play online fishing games

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Requirements to play online fishing game on Venus 1688

To play online fishing games on our Venus 1668 you just need to have your own account. If you do not already have an account, do not worry, you can easily create your own account right now. You can start from 5,000 Kyats to open an account. In addition, you do not need to give your registration card for an account, so you can play confidently without having to worry about your personal information being leaked.

To top up your account or to withdraw winning prizes, you can make these transaction 24 hours a day and you don’t need to wait to do those. To do this, our Venus 1688 website provides fast and reliable deposit and withdrawal banking services such as KBZ, KBZ Pay, CB Pay, AYA Banking, and we also connect with quick and reliable money transfer services such as Wave Money, OK Dollar. In addition, we provide 24 hours service with experienced customer service to help and solve quickly any problems that occur during transaction.

The cash in your personal account must be used as Units to play the game. As unit calculation, 1 unit is equal to 2,000 kyats. (1 Unit = 2000 Kyats)

Therefore, the bet value of the bullets used in fishing is calculated.

At this point, I think you know the basics of online fishing games in Venus 1688. So, let’s approach the accurate rules of the game again …

Many fishing games are supported on our Venus 1688 website. Here are some of the best and most rewarding games to play: Five Dragons Fishing and Fishing War. So, even though if you are the newbie on online fishing games, you will be able to play without any difficulty.

Five Dragons Fishing

Dragon Fish Fishing game is an online fishing game that is played together with other players. When playing, you have to choose your skill level. You can choose and play for Beginner (Newbie) level, Expert level and 5 Dragons level. At the Newbie level, the bet values of the bullets ​​can range from 0.01 to 1, which is a very good level for beginners.

If you are relatively good at playing the online fishing game, you should play the Expert level. At this stage you can increase and play with the bet values of bullets from 0.1 to 2, so you can catch more valuable fishes. Therefore, if you are good at shooting, you will be able to catch valuable fish and earn more rewards and bonuses.

The last level, the 5 Dragons level, can only be used with bullets bet values ​​of 1 and 2. As the bet values of the bullets are high, it is a perfect step for those who want to catch more expensive fishes. This is a level that will definitely appeal to the players who are very proficient in the game and know the bonuses and rewards available from the fishes.

So that’s it will be enough for you to know the levels that you can play. Let’s take a look at the features in the game.

Four players must play together as shown in the picture. You have to shoot fish from your own place. You can change the bet value of the bullet to your liking using the plus and minus signs next to your cannon. You can also choose the methods of shooting by using the Auto and Aim buttons. If Auto is selected, it will fire continuously and automatically. If you choose to play Aim, you must shoot at the target directly. The values ​​next to the gold coins next to your cannon are the units you own. Depending upon the amounts of units you own, you can adjust and play the bet values of the bullets.

Next, let’s take a look at the types of fish and the bonus values of those fishes …

The bonus value of the fish is shown in the picture. The bonus value of the fish is the multiplier to the bet values of your bullets.

  • Example – If you shoot a fish with a bonus value of 2X with a bullet bet value of 0.1, you will receive 0.2 units. That way, if you can catch a fish worth 100X with 2 bet values of bullets, you will get 200 units.

    Therefore, deciding which fish to shoot with which bullets is a key element of the online fishing game.

The above fish can be obtained within the range of bonuses. There are some similar small fish, so special care must be taken not to shoot. As you can see in the picture, if you catch these fish, you will get 20 to 50 times the bet value of the bullets you use.

  • Example – If you catch one of the above fish with 2 bet value of bullets and you get 30X bonus, you will win 60 units. That way, if you get a 50X bonus, you will win 100 units.

If you catch the Giant Dragons, you will get 50 to 500 times the bet value of your bullet. These are dragons that are very difficult to catch as they have a lot of bonuses and you should definitely catch them. This means you should catch a dragon that has been shot with many bullets by other players. Only then will you be able to capture the precious dragon with minimal bullets.


If you catch this Golden Anglerfish, you will see a blue or golden bubble. Through these bubbles you will get 15X to 300X bonus.


The two pictures shown in the picture above are not the fish type but they are the cannon types. The first is called Depth Charge Bullets and the other is the Shark Mouth Cannon. They have also to be shot just like fish.

If you can fire a Depth Charge, you will get 5 times the bet value of the bullet you used and you will be able to use 30 bullets of Depth Charge. You can use these bullets to shoot the fish you want. Due to its high violent power, it is easier to catch the fish than ordinary bullets.

If you can shoot a Shark Mouth Cannon, you will get 5 times the bet value of the bullet you used and you will get 30 bullets for Shark Mouth Cannons. These bullets will make it easier to catch fish with a bonus of more than10x, and if you catch fish with a bonus of 10X and less than 10X, you will get an extra 2X to 5X bonus.

If you shoot this Dragon Bonus Game gem, you will have to play Dragon Ball Bonus game which can get up to 1800X Bonus. Collect up to 36X bonuses in this game by collecting 4 amber gems. Then, if the royal pearl appears, you will be allowed to capture the five dragon thrones. Dragon thrones have 5X, 10X, 15X, 12X, 8X bonus times. If you get five dragon thrones and four amber gems, you will get 1800X bonus.

Therefore, Five Dragons Fishing is a great game that can be played as an amateur or for extra income as it has the high bonus multiples and the game is simple.

Fishing War

Fishing War is a game in which you have to play with other players like the Five Dragon Dragons fishing game and you can choose to play Beginner level, Expert level and Godlike level. Although the basic rules and the gameplay are the same as the Five Dragons game, but there is a slight difference in game features, types of cannons and bullets the prizes and the bonuses, so let me explain a little bit.

First of all, let’s take a look at the game features…

As you can see in the picture, the feature of the game is simple and easy to understand. You have to shoot and catch fish from your own place, just like in the game of Five Dragon fishing game. You can increase the bet value of bullets by using the plus and minus signs next to the cannon, and the numbers behind the gold bars next to it are your unit points.

Choose your cannon type from the side and shoot as you want.

If you are playing with Target cannon, you must select the type of fish you want to catch and shoot accurately.

If you use Auto cannon, the bullets will fire continuously and automatically and you only have to aim at the cannon.

When shooting with Double cannon, you can fire two bullets at the same time, it will be easy to catch the fish you want as the power of two bullets is too strong.

Lightning cannon is used to fire lightning bolts, which can hit fish along the current and hit the intensity of the bullet.

As the power of bullets varies depending on the type of cannon, you should cleverly use these types of cannon. Only then you will be able to win more prizes.

Now that you know about the types of cannons, let’s take a look at the bonus value of fishes and other bonuses.

The figure above shows the value of the fish’s bonuses. If you catch the fish in the top 3 rows, you will get unit points by multiplying the bet value of the bullets you used with the bonus values under those fishes. If you catch a fish in the bottom 2 rows, you will get the unit point by multiplying the bet values of the bullets you used with the bonus value within the range under those fishes. This means that if you catch the last X50 ~ 400 times the frog, you will get 50 to 400 times of your bet values as bonus.

After knowing the bonus times available for each type of fish, let’s continue to study the special bonuses …

The first blue dragon to be seen was called the Dragon King and was difficult to capture. Therefore, it should be caught together with other players. If you catch this dragon, you will get 10X to 300X bonus of your bet bullet value. Therefore, players should cooperate with each other.

A dragon under the Dragon King is called a Firestorm, and if it can be captured, you can fire up to 30 to 100 times for Fire cannon. These bullets can be used to catch valuable fish.

The weapon under the Fire Dragon is called the Thunder Hammer, and if you catch it, you will get 30X to 100X bonus time of your bet bullet value, and you will also have the ability to shoot random fish with lightning while shooting fish.

Then the blue Azure Stone will get 10X bonus time of your bet bullet value, and if you catch it, the entire game screen will freeze for 10 seconds and more fish bonuses will be available.

Get bonus times up to 200X on bonuses if you shoot the Wealth Pocket under the blue stone. Wealth Pocket can be obtained by shooting fish. You will receive random bonuses from the bag.

The dragon boat under the bag is called the Dragon Wheel, and if you shoot that boat, you can get up to 300X bonus times. If you can capture the boat, a wheel of luck will appear and you will have to spin the wheel to get bonuses.

If you can catch the edge golden dragon called Awakening Dragon, you can get 100X to 400X bonus times. If that “Golden Dragon” is caught, it will explode twice or more over the entire playing area, catching fish that are swimming at that time.

You can get 100X to 688X bonus times if you can shoot and catch The Monkey King under the Golden Dragon. If that “Monkey King” is caught, it will explode twice or more over the entire playing area, catching fish that are swimming at that time.

At the bottom is the Pirate Ghost Ship, which will count down the time it takes to arrive. When it comes out, all the players have to shoot at that ship. If the boat explodes, there will be an earthquake and all the fish on the surface will die. 100X to 888X bonus times can be get from this boat and therefore the players should cooperate with each other.

At this point, I think you will understand how to play Fishing War which is a fishing game that should be played as an amateur or for extra income.

How can you be proficient in fishing game?

When playing fishing games, you need to be patient and not rush. If you want to catch big fish, you should not shoot with a lot of bullets. You should only shoot when you are sure that you can catch the fish. Otherwise you will lose if you run out of bullets and do not catch the fish.

Also, in order to understand and play with different types of bullets, you should play the skill level step by step and play the last level after you have been proficient. This is because it is very important to shoot what kind of fish with what kind of bullet and what kind of cannon.

It should be avoided to catch big fish without sufficient bullets. Big fish have many bonuses and everyone wants to catch them. So, if you shoot just a few bullets, it could be as if you were using a bullet for another player.

Therefore, we invite you to come and play at our trusted Venus 1688 fishing shooting game which will earn you extra income if you practice patiently and play hard.