How to play (Taung Paw Thar) Online Shan Koe Mee?

Online Shan Koe Mee

How to play Shan Koe Mee?

Let’s take a look together what are the most popular card games and online gambling games in Myanmar? There are many ways to play cards. Koe Mee, Bu Gyi, Twenty-one, Shan Koe Mee, Poker and Shoe are the most popular cards games. Shan Ko Mee and Shoe are the hottest and great compensation cards games These are the games that can make you to be rich and poor in a little moment. There are many losers who lose many hundred thousand of dollars even in the gambling table that does not have any cheater. Even if there were the winners who gain many hundred thousand, most of their winnings will go the bar and KTV.

How to play Shan Koe Mee, the most exciting and the funniest games with friends?

It can be said that Shan Koe Mee is a combination of Koe Mee, Twenty-one and Shoe. The game is played with a dealer and the players. Firstly, two cards will be dealt to each player. At the time, if you got 8 and 9 points, call do and throw the cards on the table. If the dealer also got Do, he will win the players who didn’t get Do and he will return the payoffs the players who win him with Do. If the dealer does not get Do, he will return the payoffs the players who win him with Do and the rest of the player can continue to draw if they got few points. And the dealer can capture the players with drawing the card. If he wants to draw the cards he can draw and continue capturing the player, like Twenty-one. But you can’t draw up to five cards like Twenty-one. You can only draw one more card whether you lose or win. Shan Ko Mi has no Tie. As in Shoe, there is the comparison of cards’ power. .

Online Shan Koe Mee

If there is the same point, the power must be measured by Ace, Jack, Queen, King. Even if the powers are same, you need to compare with suits of the cards like Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades. If you want to play with multipliers in Shan Koe Mee, you have to set the multiplier with the dealer before playing the game. How many times for two cards, how many times for three cards? Like that. Mulitple is same as the suits of the cards. For example, in the case of two-spade three cards, two-heart three cards, and two-diamond three cards, the dealer have to payoffs the bets with the specified multiplier. For multiplying triple for two same suits of the cards, if you win the dealer with the same suits cards, you will get the three time of your bets. But if the dealer wins with multiplier, you have to pay three time of your bets. In the case of three identical cards, the payoffs will have to make 5 time, 15 time if you made the multiplier of 5times and 15 times respectively. In Shan Koe Mee, there is a special case that getting the three same cards of Jack, King, Queen is not Bu, you can even win three cards Koe Mee. But if you got two same cards of Jack, King, Queen, it will be Bu. For three identical cards, there is only to compare the power of the cards. At this point, I think you will understand the basic concept of Shan Ko Mi. If you want to be proficient, just play more and more. Playing Shan Koe Mee online can be a lot of fun and exciting but you need to study carefully before playing. Bu Gyi is also popular in cards games. Now many people are playing Bu Gyi, too