Tips to win Roulette, Easy to Play


Tips to win Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world for hundreds of years.

Although this game depends entirely on luck, the strategy of placing your chips is also very important. If your strategy is good, you can win a lot of money with less losses. Because this is one of the games designed to give back to the player. With that in mind, there are a few things to be careful: not to play with unsafe strategies, to know your limits. Moreover, once you have set a certain amount for playing the game, it is important not to play more than that. “Do not step on a thorn in the side of luck.” Today, let’s learn about the most important thing: bet placement. Practice at a Free Play Table Before placing a real bet, check to see if there is a Free Play Table at your casino. Playing like this can get you acquainted with the betting methods on roulette. Various bets can be placed on this round table, which is divided into 3 columns with 36 numbers. However, there are only two main types of bets: Inside bet and Outside Bet.

What is Inside Bets

This is an internal bet that is placed directly on the numbers inside. If you place $ 1 on a single number and the Roulette ball lands on that number, there is a payout rate of t 35: 1. That means $ 35 + $ 1 (your bet). You can bet up to maximum of 6 numbers with one bet. However, these numbers must be contiguous.

What are the Outside Bets?

These are the bets which have fewer losses. Also, these are the overall bets such as Red or Black, Even or Odd. Therefore, these are safer than direct betting on a single number. But their payout rate is just 2:1 or 1:1. These bets are placed outside of the lines. Therefore, these are called as Outside Bets. If you want to get higher win rate, please focus on the outside bets because these have more chances to win rather than placing directly on a single bet. For example, if you placed $ 1 on “Black” and $ 1 on “Even”, you can win with a $ 2 payout if the odd black falls (for example, 24 Black). Even if it falls on a red integer, the principal will be recovered.


Kinds of Outside Bets

High / low: Betting on whether the ball will fall between 1 and 18 or between 19 and 36. Payout rate is 1: 1.

Dozens: Betting on three parts where the ball will fall between 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36. The payout rate is 2:1.

Column: Betting on three vertical columns that are divided on the Roulette table. The payout rate is 2:1.


If you want to get more payout rate, rely on Inside Bet. Although the Inside Bets have more payout rate, placing the bet on a single number is too risk. If you bet this way, your chance to fall the ball into the number you bet is only 1 in 37, so it will be only 2.7%.

You can increase the rate of payout by betting on the group of numbers instead of betting on a single number. The larger the range of the numbers you bet, the lower the payout rate. There is the 35:1 payout rate for betting on a single number but the payout rate will be 5:1 for betting 6 numbers together with one bet. If you don’t want to risk on the single betting and you want to bet on many numbers, the numbers you bet must be 12 contiguous squares. The four corner squares are exception.

Pay attention on the wheel, not to the other players’ bets. You need to care about the croupier’s skill, when does the wheel spin, when and how was the ball put on the wheel, and what result will be in what way of putting the ball.

Roulette is not a competition between players like other games, so be careful not to pay too much attention to other players as all wins and losses depend on the ball spinning on the wheel. If you place your bets in the same way as above, you will win more. One thing to keep in mind is not to bet only on inside bet or on outside bet all the time. Depending on the trend of the numbers that the ball fell on the wheel and the betting status, you should be able to make the decision when you should bet outside and when you should bet inside. Those are the key to win for Roulette.