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Baccarat is a very exciting game for you to play and it doesn’t need to play the cards by yourself. It is easy to learn and also easy to play. In the amateur playing cards table, there are some person who sit and look besides and bet which player will win. Baccarat is the same way like that. In a game, there will be a player and a banker. Every baccarat game has three possible outcomes: player win, banker win and tie. Note that both the player and the banker are controlled by the dealer. The participants have the option to bet on the player win, on the banker win or the tie without having to play cards. This means it just need to bet on the player win, on the banker win or the tie.

Dragon – Tiger

This game is really simple and easy to play. It is the game of betting on Dragon or Tiger and the side with larger point will win in dealing one card for each side. If the point is same on both the Tiger side and the Dragon side, it is called Tie. If so, the player who bet on Tie will win 8 times.

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Playing Dice

Playing dice determine win or lose depending on your predictions, so it depends on your luck. There are many types of betting on playing dice. First of all,

Big / Small

“Big” and “Small” are written in relatively large size on the betting plot. By throwing three dice, if the sum of the three numbers is between 4 to 10, it is considered as “Small”. If the sum is between 11 to 17, it is “Big”. If you think “Small”, click on “Small”. If you think “Big”, click on “Big” and so you can bet easily. You just have to practice more to predict professionally.

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Roulette Live

There are also Roulette Live Games in Casino. To explain what roulette is, first imagine a large circle. There will be a spinning wheel and there will be the numbers from three to thirty-six on the wheel. As soon as you started playing, you need to put a small ball in the circular track around the edge of spinning wheel which has the numbers. Then the small ball will roll along the circular track. When it decelerates, it will fall on the wheel. That number is the winning number. If you place a bet on that number, you will win.


By comparing with two cards in your hand and five cards on the table, the player needs to decide to make calls, charges, draws and runs in accordance with the cards. In detail, if the two cards in your hand is both of A card and the five cards on the table involves A card, you own the power of combining 3 same cards. In the same way, if another player has 2-card and 3-card and the five cards on the table is A, 4, 5, 9, K card, he will own the power of A, 2, 3, 4, 5. If so he will have the chance to win the game 100 %. Therefore, you have to decide to make calls, charges, draws and runs by comparing your cards and five cards on the table.


Blackjack is a game that is not new to all online gamers. A blackjack table is a medium-sized table like a regular casino table and the dealer deal the cards by standing or sitting according to the casino rules. It can usually be played up to seven players and it is also provided the space for the bets of each player. Insurance deposit space is also provided. The insurance will be explained later. In blackjack, the cards from six to eight decks are usually mixed with automatic card shuffling machine. Here you need to know the value of the cards. The values ​​of, Q, K and 10 cards are set to 10 and Ace is set to 1 or 11. The remaining 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 cards are set to the original values ​​of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Blackjack is the combination of one of the 10 valued cards: J, Q, K, and 10, with the 1 or 11 valued  Ace card. (the sum is 21). This game is also available in online casinos as the times change.

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Frequently asked questions:

Can you really make money from baccarat online?

Can actually be done And it’s as simple as you have discipline And set clear goals, play according to goals and stop You will be able to make money from online baccarat.

Baccarat online How to play to get money?

You can learn to play baccarat online by studying the different formulas of baccarat. But it is important that you have a good money travel system. Not freaky And have a clear goal of playing how to play it should stop