New Member Promotion (Welcome Promotion 100%)

At Venus1688, for those who want to play online games such as Fishing and Slot games, you can get 100% promotion by just opening a new account from 5,000 Kyats and can get the promotion bonus up to 50,000 Kyats. On Fishing and Slot games, you get 100% promotion with your new account and you can withdraw your winning money after playing to get 8 times of the total game points.

Football and other sports special promotions

At Venus1688, for all football and sports enthusiasts, a game account can be opened with just 5,000 Kyats and get 100% Deposit Bonus as Exciting Special Promotions. You can also get 100% promotion up to 10,000 Kyats by depositing 5,000 Kyats once a month and you can withdraw an unlimited amount of money by playing to reach the specified game points that is 5 times of the total game points.

New / Old member promotion for fishing game and slot game

At Venus1688, you can get 50% bonus of your deposit by playing the Myanmar most popular online games such as fishing games and slot games. Starting from 5000 Kyats, you can get 50% promotions 5 times a month up to 25000 and you can withdraw unlimitedly your winnings by playing to get 5 times of total game points.

Weekends Promotion

At Venus1688, you can get up to 10% of your deposits as weekends bonus every Saturday and Sunday to play online games. With the exception of football betting, you can play all other online games and you can withdraw your winnings unlimitedly.

Weekly Commission Refund

For all those who play online games on Venus1688, the commission is refunded every Monday based on the points you have played. As a commission 1% of play points for football multiple betting, 0.5% for casino games and 0.25% for online gaming are added back to game accounts on a weekly basis.