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Football is another sport that is unique and fascinating. There are both aggressive and swaying offensive games. A solid defensive game and tactile planning. It’s all in one sport: soccer. Makes the audience excited at any time, no wonder that this sport is popular all over the world including countries. Our Thai too And another story that cannot be denied that it is as popular as watching football is to bet on football. It is something that can raise the level of sitting and watching ordinary football to be even more exciting. Here we will take you all to know this sport including how to bet on football online, also known as the Tong football online in detail What is going to be, have to go and see.

History, origins of online football betting

Have to deceive the history of football We all know this sport, the name of football (Football) or soccer (Soccer) is the most interesting and competitive sport in the world that has it all. Which nation is the originator of football? This issue has not been confirmed yet. Because each country claims that it is a whole model But in France and Italy there is evidence that may be related to this sport.

There is a kind of play called “Sule” (Soule) or Gioco del Casio (Gioco Del Calcio) has a similar playing style to football today. Both countries may debate who was the source. Due to the lack of real evidence Therefore, the history of football has clear evidence and reference. It was seen to be England because the Football Association was founded in 1863 and British professional football took place in the year 1888.

Therefore, football betting is expected to occur at the time when football has been popular for at least 50 years after the start of broadcasting live football matches via television, football betting has started spreading rapidly and into the digital age. Football betting was developed as well. This makes all of us who love football and want to enjoy more and more into the world of online football betting. Now the upgrade, enjoyment and excitement of watching football are at your fingertips.

Football betting

Popular football betting formats

Single ball is a simple ball betting. In which you choose to bet only one pair By that pair, you need to analyze very well that the team you choose will win the match. And this bet is the same that the chances of winning are quite high. And very fast Because you will know whether you will or will lose in one game. All you can do is analyze. Do not be careless on each team, because you may be wasting your money unfortunately. After knowing the results of the competition If you win, you can sit back and wait to receive your bet.

The ball step is a bet on multiple footballs. Double at one time And the money received from the ballstep betting will be even more. According to the pair that you have stabbed The more you stab, the more you get. But it is necessary to All pairs must be thrusted correctly. So you will have the stakes you have placed Even one wrong guess will result in you losing all your bet wagers. But it’s still good that you can start wagering with small amounts. Although it is difficult to guess correctly But with the amount of prize money that has multiplied even more Causing many gamblers to choose to play football step

Football betting

Advantages of online football betting for real money

  1. For people who have played at the football table and have been cheated on Winning bets and having to deal with late payment problems These problems are solved with online deposit and withdrawal systems. That can be deposited quickly in less than 5 minutes when the bet wins, you will be able to withdraw money quickly, no more than 10 minutes without any gimmicks.
  2. Can be played in all forms, whether it is a bet, a high bet or a low bet Play full time or choose to play half time. More importantly, you can clearly see the cost of water. Just analyze it. You will be able to diversify your bets.
  3. There is a centralized system to always adjust the price to balance the competition of each pair. This is known as the standard of online football betting that gives the gambler peace of mind with a competitive price. Most fair

The disadvantages of online football betting

  1. Compare to other forms of betting Online football betting is quite a difficult thing to understand, if not for real football lovers, there is a very small percentage of Dimpan can win continuously.
  2. Must keep track of the playing form of the team that is not missing Because each match of football will have different water bills. Causing the price to change all the time If you do not follow the playing form regularly In your next bet, you may be at a more disadvantageous and more likely to lose.
  3. You have to study football seriously to be able to bet on football and earn money. Not just sitting and watching, but also analyzing the performance of the game If you want to play and get every pair of money You have to know the performance of that team for almost every team on the schedule that day.

High and low thrust technique

  1. High and low thrust technique
    It is looking for interesting matches such as those with high 1 / 1.5 odds, so they can be assessed that these teams are in good form and have more interesting match stats than the other. Then open with a high stabbed before the game starts. When there is a competition for about 10-20 minutes, the price of water will fall. If you find that no door has occurred, you must immediately come back to stab low. You can place a higher bet or equal to the high bet as well.
  2. Couple selection technique
    The form of a football team is very important. The odds of each match will vary according to the playing form of each team. Especially for the big teams that will have odd odds that are quite far from normal teams, when they meet, they will range from per half to two. Your job is to decide whether to stab along or stab in the garden. It’s a simple and effective technique. Only need to study the form of playing precisely Therefore, this technique would not have a problem with football fans who like to watch on a daily basis.

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For online football betting with venus1688yg, it is known that it is definitely worth the bet because venus1688 ‘s water price is a high price that you can get when you bet on the team, and you can also get free credit to invest in online football betting of venus1688 .

What is the fun of online football betting?

The fun of online football betting is The ability to watch football and win the game in the match with your own betting.