How to play Dragon-Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger

What's Dragon Tiger game?

Tiger-Dragon game or Dragon-Tiger game is one of the most poplar games in online Casino. Our online games website is a state-of-the-art website with advanced security features. For the professional gamers who have never played online and for those who want to learn how to play before playing, the game guidelines are written to understand in 5 minutes.

How to play Dragon-Tiger Game

In Dragon-Tiger games, the side which got the higher points will win. There are for betting plots such as Tiger, Dragon, Pair and Tie. The winning payoffs is different for each plot. You can bet on one plot you want to bet and you can get the winning payoffs depending upon the types of betting plots. If the betting time is exceeded, bets will not be accepted and you will have to wait for the next match. Always after selecting the one you like and don’t forget to click Confirmed. After confirming, you can no longer cancel. But you can add your bets and don’t forget to click Confirm again. Dealer will deal the cards one by one. The Tiger side will be dealts first and then the Dragon side. The side with higher point will win.

Dragon-Tiger Game Rules

If the point is the same in the Dragon-Tiger scoring system, you will be scored by looking at the suits.

For example- for Tiger 9-Diamond and Dragon 9-Heart = Dragon will win.

Pair Betting Rules

It just needs to get same point, no need to get the same suit. In pair betting, the player will win if the dealing cards are same. Example 1 – Tiger 8-Heart and Dragon 8-Spade. (According to Example 1, if the two cards are the same and the player bet only on the Tiger or Dragon, Tiger 8-Heart and Dragon 8-Spade, Dragon will win). Example 2 – Tiger 7-Club and Dragon 7-Spade. (According to the Example 2, if the two cards are the same and the player bet only on the Tiger of Dragon, Tiger 7-Club and Dragon 7-Spade, Dragon will win).

Dragon Tiger

For the player who wants to bet Tie

It needs to get the same points and suits. If the player bet on the Tie, it is need to get the same points and suits to win. For example, Tiger 10-Spade and Dragon 10-Spade. (According to the example, the two cards are the same in point and suit, if the player bet only on the Tiger or Dragon, the dealer will win the bet.) You will need to study carefully before betting as the odds may vary depending on the site you are playing on. If you want to play, let invite you to our online games site where you can have fun with many players.